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Biko is a modern nostalgic jewellery brand. Each piece is hand-crafted in Toronto, with love by Designer Corrine Anestopoulos. Born in 2004, Biko draws inspiration from memories of the past and translates such ideas into wearable, contemporary silhouettes.

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Melanie Auld

Born in 2013, Melanie Auld Jewelry is rooted in a deep love of travel, nature and living a beautiful life. All Melanie Auld jewelry comes from a deeply personal place and it's intent is to share that vision and beauty with women in their daily lives.

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Michelle Ross

Michelle Ross Jewellery is a fine balance of elegance and unpredictability; It fuses atypical design with nostalgic sensibility to create contemporary jewellery. Michelle uses semi-precious stones and metals juxtaposed with glass, ceramics and vintage findings to produce unique creations.

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